Matthew Frost

Software Engineer



Currently at VMware working on Cloud Director, which provides the interface, automation, and management features to allow enterprises and service providers to supply vSphere resources as a Web-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service providing virtualized compute, networking, storage, and security. Previously the Software Engineer at StopBadware, a non-profit with a mission of making the Web safer through the prevention, mitigation, and remediation of badware websites.

A former banquet manager, I originally began learning to program only to assist in my hobby of stock trading with no intention of a career change. Soon it was clear I was enjoying the coding not because it would lead to better trading, but because I was enjoying the act of writing code itself - more so than I had ever enjoyed doing anything. It was then I decided my future lay not with hotels, but with software development.

Skills & Technologies

Most Used/Experienced

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Rails

Moderate Use/Experience

  • Scala
  • Lua
  • Groovy
  • PHP
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Play

Some Use/Experience

  • C++
  • Go
  • Python
  • Clojure
  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Redis
  • React
  • Angular
  • Docker


shouldifollow thumbnailQuickly assessing someone's Twitter activity by glancing at their profile can be tough to get an accurate idea of tweet frequency; ShouldIFollow was intially created to easily see how often an account tweets and was later expanded to provide other data points.

It displays the following metrics:

  • Tweets per day
  • Retweets per day
  • Most used hashtag
  • Number of hashtags used
  • Retweeted by others
  • Twitter join date
  • Timing of tweets

View on GitHub.

dontcast thumbnailWorking on this is a lot of fun as it allows me to combine my enjoyment of World of Warcraft with my passion for coding. DontCast is an addon that warns players when their target would be immune to damage (i.e. "don't bother casting"). It displays the name and icon of their opponent's damage mitigating ability, along with a timer counting down the seconds until the ability expires.

Originally created for my own use but added to Curse in case anyone else found it useful - I thought maybe a dozen people would download it, but it currently has over 100,000 downloads!

View on GitHub.

pvp leaderboard thumbnailAs an avid World of Warcraft PvPer I would frequently find myself looking up players on the leaderboards to see what talent choices they were making. This was a time-consuming process which limited the sample-size and so I created PvP Leaderboard.

PvP Leaderboard looks up (daily) the players on each of the leaderboards and then provides the results (with optional filtering) allowing someone to quickly and easily see the talents top players are choosing and view the US and EU leaderboards.

As the name implies this site also lists the players on the leaderboards of each brack in the US and EU regions (wich similar filtering capabilities).

On GitHub: web app (Ruby on Rails), updater (Go).

WGU project thumbnailReceived a 3.96 (out of 4.0) on my Capstone Project for WGU, a Java application that predicts stock market movement based on Twitter activity. The program analyzes mentions of a company's ticker symbol to determine a bullish, bearish, or neutral opinion based on the content of each post. Each score is then adjusted for age of post and past accuracy of author before determining the overall sentiment for a stock.

WGU project screenshot
pvp screenshot
shouldifollow screenshot
WoW screenshot with DontCast


Software Engineer VMware
February 2019 → Present (Senior MTS)
August 2017 → February 2019 (MTS 3)
July 2015 → August 2017 (MTS 2)
June 2014 → July 2015 (MTS 1)
Software Engineer StopBadware
February 2012 → June 2014
Team Manager, Trading Systems Analytics Boston Technologies
August 2010 → February 2012
Banquet Supervisor Westin Boston Waterfront
March 2010 → August 2010
Assistant Banquet Manager Hyatt Regency Boston
September 2005 → January 2009
Food & Beverage Supervisor Hyatt Regency Greenwich
November 2004 → September 2005


Master of Science Software Development Boston University
Bachelor of Science Information Technology, Software Western Governors University